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Back on track.

Today was another good day. I feel like we are accomplishing a lot for Whitney Who again. It got off track with the holidays and me being in the hospital, but we’re right back at it. We continued our conversations from last night with Tom, Katie, Matt, and I. Matt took some time to think about the things we had said to him and honestly, he took it well. He’s been diagnosed bipolar in the past but he was doing pretty well managing it on his own, until he wasn’t. When we all talked again he said he had reached out to the VA and was going to go get some help and take the steps he needed to. He has some appointments to figure out what he needs to do to get his head right. We are all really proud of him for understanding what we said to him and not getting defensive or upset. I can’t imagine having three of my friends come to me and talk to me about something like that. We tried our best not to make him feel attacked or anything like that, but it was a very hard discussion to have. We are all very hopeful once he takes the steps he needs to he can be as huge of an asset to the project as he was before. Matt is our salesman, he talks to everyone about Whitney Who. He’s so proud to be working on the project it’s infectious. It’s an energy that pushes us all to want to be better and do better to prove to everyone we can.

After talking about those things we had a meeting with our crowd funding manager. The kick-starter guy, Justin! He’s so dope. Very knowledgeable about many things in the industry that we are so naive to. Katie and I had just talked to him in an “emergency call” a few days prior so we didn’t have a ton to discuss, but I did have a couple of things on the agenda, I had a few questions about growing our social media following and things like that. I’m terrible with technology. We were also under the impression the crowd funding site we chose didn’t allow non-profits, but I think we figured out that wasn’t the case. I still have to fill out an application to be sure everything is fine and we can work with the platform we want to.

Setting up this crowd funding is the most important thing we can do right now. It’s how many films and documentaries get funded. They help you enter festivals, it exposes you to people in the industr, gets you tons of contacts, raises awareness for your project. Crowd funding is a great way to get started in the industry. Since we had to cancel our fundraising event at the end of January for the non-profit this is how we are going to keep Whitney Who alive and move onto the next step. It will be how we pay a film crew, editors, staff, be able to do the traveling, and take someone on the adventure of a lifetime. Whitney Who is more than a show, it’s an idea that life can be better. Just because you’re told you can’t do something, doesn’t mean you can’t. I also hope to be able to public speak during the next trip. Everyday we are getting one day closer to the end goal. If we keep that at the forefront of our mind we can keep pushing through these stressful times. I, for one, can’t wait to get there but we can’t get to “there” without first being here.


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