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The beginning of the Blog and a new start for Whitney Who

It was a Sunday today. Brutally cold outside. You could have a hat, gloves, scarf but the second you inhale air through your nose, it feels like the moisture freezes in there and everything gets stiff. The outside of your nose turns red immediately and is so cold it hurts. It’s a day the furnace has a hard time keeping it warm. That’s if you’re lucky enough to afford oil, or electricity, or propane, or wood. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere on a day like today. Of course some people had to, but I stayed home and rested mostly. I was going to work but I didn’t feel like it. I started a puzzle with gram and we got a lot of it done. I read some of my book, took a nap. Of course did all the medical stuff I need to do everyday.

I had to take medicine in the morning and in the evening and every time I ate. I had to calculate the carbs in my food so I could give myself insulin. Speaking off it’s sitting at a perfect 117, that never happens. I took my blood pressure and my temperature. I did my albuterol inhaler and did my vest a couple of times. A vest basically shakes you to loosen the sticky mucus in the lungs of a CF patient so we can cough it out and it doesn’t cause an infection. I don’t know if they use them on people with pneumonia, but they probably should.

Tonight I started working at a little before 11pm. Classic. I drafted up a to do for the team. I crossed a few things off my own to do list. Did a bunch of writing in my patreon and now writing this to post tomorrow. My Sunday was lazy but has turned out productive. I will work more tomorrow.

There are lots of changes with the project and it’s been tough to keep it on track. I feel like we’re in a seven person pile up and I’m picking up the pieces to get in my broken car and still move forward. It’s a time of reflection and to really focus on what we want the project to be. What do I want Whitney Who to be? Why did I start this, how do I make sure people receive the message that is important to me and my team? So we’re slowing down and really refocusing on what Whitney who is. This is very important time for us. We continue to thank you for your involvement and interest in this project!


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