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Why Whitney Who? -Tom

Why seems to be a harder question to answer than people give it credit for. I could go the easy route, tell you about how I want to spread the word about my beloved sisters condition. I could tell you I want to educate others about the importance of organ donation and how it saves lives. Of course these are both major motivations for undertaking such a lofty project, but it goes much deeper than that for me.


I want to build. I want the best for myself and those that I love. Often my family has been very close to things that could leave a legacy for our family name. The tangibility of our efforts right there, so close, yet we always come up short. I will not let that happen this time, we will succeed, I don’t care what it takes. The ideals I hold make it my absolute priority to leave behind something that others can see and say “wow, they really did that.” My sister has mentioned it before, but my motto in life is “Live for your last name, not for your first.” I don’t do it for myself, I do it for the people who I share that last name with. I believe so strongly in the intelligence and ability of my family and If I can work my ass off to give everyone else a better launching off point, that’s what I will do.


These are my reason, my why, but also my purpose. Yes I want to spread the word that my sister needs a new kidney. I hope this projects helps deliver to her not just a kidney, but her life back. Her freedom. I want to see the light return to her eyes, the shimmer that tells me she is enjoying this life. We can do that with the “Whitney Who?” project, I can already see her sense of purpose returning. I feel this project can help to deliver all the things that are important to me in this life and if I work hard, if we all work harder than we ever have before, we can create something special.


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